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Monday Musings: What a Great Award!

A couple of weeks ago I attended my oldest granddaughter’s 8th grade award program. I’m very proud of the awards she earned/won. But I was also intrigued by an award she didn’t win.

The school librarian gave out an award for the person who had checked out the most books. I’m not sure if the award for for the past year or for all the years that person had attended the school. Either way, nerd that I am, I think it’s a cool award. And I wish they’d given out an award like that when I was a kid.

But then I got to thinking…I wouldn’t have won that particular award.

My grandmother would take my sister and me to the downtown Houston public library every two weeks. She didn’t like the Looscan branch LIbrary, even though it was about a five minute drive, because she said it didn’t have enough books. So we’d drive downtown and visit the what is now the old library which houses archives. The children’s section was downstairs, and my sister and I would race down there, past the mural of the Battle of San Jacinto. Until I was in junior high, I concentrated on reading all the dogs books in the children’s department. Then I started going upstairs with my grandmother and discovered another world of information on the third floor. I remember checking out art books, mysteries, gardening, and, of course, dogs. My sister and I would take home as many books as we could carry. I loved that old building. Sometimes my sister and I would wait on the second floor for our grandmother, sitting on a wooden bench under a window that looked out over the Texas and US flags. Such wonderful memories!

I don’t remember checking out that many books from my elementary or junior high libraries. So, no, I never would have won that award.

But it is a great award! Congratulations to the person who won it!

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