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Baby Beans!

Two of my bean plants

I planted tomato, bean, green bell pepper, and onion seeds in dirt-filled egg cartons back in March. The onions never sprouted. Only two pepper plants grew. Five bean plants grew. And at least a hundred tomato plants grew!

When the weather warmed up and the seedlings were big enough, I placed all the egg cartons outside,including the egg carton containing unsprouted onion seeds (hope is eternal), so that I could transplant them. I got the five bean seedlings transplanted into big pots, but then I had to stop. I went inside and my granddaughter’s dog Melody went outside. She’s just a year old and tends to get into trouble when left alone.

By the time I got back outside, Melody had eaten the unsprouted onion egg carton and one of the tomato seedling egg cartons (dirt, egg carton, and all)!

I salvaged what I could and planted the tomato seedlings into pots, but they’re not doing that well. We’ll see what kind harvest I get this year. I’m thinking it won’t be as good as past harvests. I’ll keep y’all updated on my vegetable garden.

But, I do have two beans! Baby beans, right now, but…beans! Yay!

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